RTP Couplings

Couplings for Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP)

In 2000, Shand UK started a programme of work to develop a swaged coupling for attaching to reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP). The potential burst pressure, coupled with the projected 25 year service life of RTP meant that a traditional internal or external swaged coupling used for reinforced rubber hose was unlikely to be consistently successful. As a result of this potential problem, Shand UK developed the concept of Dual Swaging which as its name suggests is the combined action of both internal and external swaging. When either internal or external swaging are undertaken on their own, the swaging process in gripping down on the pipe, naturally distorts the axial line of the reinforcement layers and can ultimately weaken them which can result in a pipe failure at lower than expected operating pressure.

RTP pipe comprises three layers; a PE liner, a mid reinforcement layer and a PE outer cover.

PE Liner 

  • Internal corrosion concerns eliminated
  • Smooth bore provides superior flow characteristics 

Mid Reinforcement Layer 

  • Can be steel wires or shim, glass or aramid fibres
  • High pressure containment
  • Steel reinforcementscan provide electrical continuity

PE Outer Cover 

  • Tough and durable
  • Superior external corrosion resistance
  • Easy installation in rugged terrain conditions

Installation Advantages of RTP Compared to Steel Pipeline

  • Very little manpower and equipment required when trenching and can be laid very quickly form the reel. Joints only required every reel length
  • Pipeline rehabilitation is easy using RTP, it can easily be pulled through, has smoother flow characteristics than steel pipeline and can operate at a higher pressure and the structural integrity of the failed pipeline is no longer required

Potential Applications for RTP include

  • Gas & Oil Gathering
  • Water or Gas Injection Pipelines
  • Brine Disposal Pipelines
  • Fuel Gas Pipelines
  • Gas Utility Pipelines

CleanBREAK Online

After the success of the CleanBREAK range, Shand have decided to launch a new website dedicated to our Spill Prevention products.  Keep up to date with new products, download data sheets and get the latest CleanBREAK news! www.cleanbreak-couplings.com

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Queens Award

Queens Award

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are awarded to businesses for outstanding achievement in International Trade, Innovation and Sustainable Development. The award is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to promoting and enhancing enterprise 

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Company History

Company History

Shand Engineering Ltd came into existence as a fabrication and machining contractor based at the current Stallingborough site serving the local oil refineries and manufacturing Built-In hose couplings for Dunlop Oil & Marine Ltd 

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